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Part # 883-315 Make More Teryx4 Power with AIRAID

AIRAID now offers two different ways to up the power ante of the new Kawasaki Teryx4! Though a relative late-comer to the game, the 2012 Teryx4 is a welcome addition to the UTV market; now the Kawasaki faithful have a way to haul family and friends on their off-road treks. But more seats with more people also means more weight, so it takes more power to keep up with the smaller two-seaters. To find that extra power, AIRAID has teamed up with racer PJ Jones and developed a cold air intake system with a snorkel option that improves both power and filtration.

The AIRAID / PJ intake system starts with a new Cold Air Dam intake box that replaces the restrictive factory unit. The box attaches to the factory intake tube and optimizes airflow with a unique reverse-facing scoop. This arrangement enables the engine to draw plenty of cool air through a large 800cfm air filter, which utilizes AIRAID’s SynthaFlow oiled filter media. The AIRAID filter offers superior flow over the restrictive stock paper filter element while allowing longer intervals between cleaning. The filter enables the engine to breathe easier, and more air means more power!

Going one step further, the AIRAID / PJ system also has a unique snorkel option. The snorkel assembly attaches to the air box via a silicone hose secured with stainless steel clamps. All of these components were designed for an exact fit on the Teryx4; no one-size-fits-all mentality here! The kit includes all of the hardware required for installation along with detailed instructions geared toward the do-it-yourselfer.

The AIRAID / PJ Cold Air Dam (air box and filter) system is available as a stand-alone kit (Part # 883-306), while the snorkel can be purchased separately (Part #883-311). Or, the complete Cold Air Dam and Snorkel can be purchased as a system (Part # 883-315).

With the AIRAID / PJ Snorkel System, no additional tuning is needed; just bolt it on and ride! The system is even backed by AIRAID’s exclusive “No Hassle” warranty.

Part # 883-314 Increased Performance & Cool Options AIRAID and PJ Jones have once again created a winning combination with the new performance intake system for the 1000cc 2011-2012 Can Am Commander. This new intake system improves power and performance while offering superior filtration over the factory intake. The AIRAID system utilizes a completely new air box that features a reversed hood scoop lid with a foam pre-filter. The hood scoop protrudes through the hood and gives the Commander a bold aggressive look while providing cold air a larger, more direct route to the engine than the restrictive factory system. Inside the air box is an oversize AIRAID Premium Filter with SynthaFlow® technology, which extends service intervals while capturing contaminants that the stock filter would allow to pass through. The filter is washable and reusable, and it’s backed by AIRAID’s exclusive “No Hassle” Warranty.

Part # 883-300 More Polaris Power

The UTV market has exploded in popularity, and just like all other enthusiasts, UTV owners are craving more power and better overall performance. AIRAID has teamed up with PJ Jones to introduce a new intake system for the 2011 Polaris Ranger RZR 900XP that delivers more horsepower with the added benefit of less required maintenance. The new intake system allows the engine and the CVT transmission to draw air from up high, so there’s no need to think twice before forging creek crossings or riding through mud holes. The specially molded snorkels attach to the air box and CVT transmission via large 3” diameter tubes and silicone couplers secured with stainless steel clamps. The snorkels themselves attach to the back of the factory rollcage, where they are out of the way give the RZR a more aggressive look and allow for more clean fresh air into the engine. The AIRAID / PJ system also replaces the stock paper filter with an AIRAID Power Curve Air Filter. The filter has a concave shape to unshroud the factory velocity stacks and provides a substantial increase in airflow. The AIRAID / PJ Intake System is completely bolt-on and comes with all of the hardware needed for installation along with detailed instructions. No additional tuning is needed; just bolt it on and ride!

Part # 883-262 Ranger Performance Upgrade Whether it’s on the farm or the trails, The Polaris Ranger has proven to be one of the hardest working UTVs on the market. Building off of this stout platform, AIRAID has teamed up with PJ Jones to develop a new Snorkel System for the popular Polaris Ranger 700 EFI & 800 EFI that delivers more horsepower while providing an easy way to keep the engine’s air intake high and dry. This system does not just stop with the snorkel assembly. Good air filtration is critical to an off-road vehicle as dust particles can quickly ruin an engine’s internals, leading to costly repairs. The AIRAID / PJ system includes a massive cylindrical air filter that is a direct replacement for the restrictive stock paper filter element. The filter is constructed with AIRAID’s SynthaFlow® oiled composite media, which extends service intervals and increases ride time. The kit includes all of the hardware required for installation along with detailed instructions geared toward the do-it-yourselfer. About AIRAID

Build it better. That’s the American ingenuity behind many of today’s successes in the automotive aftermarket industry and the story behind AIRAID® Filter Company.

The company was founded in 1997 when it began developing and manufacturing air intake systems for light trucks and SUVs, utilizing the cotton-gauze filter technology that was available at the time. The original AIRAID Intake System combined an open-element filter with an intake tube to make an easy-to install air intake kit that dramatically increased air flow, improved performance and generated more horsepower and torque.

It didn’t take long to realize, that as the sales of intake systems nearly tripled in the first year of production, another source of filters was needed. At the time, AIRAID’s founders believed they could produce a better-quality filter utilizing new technology and state-of-the-art materials. By November 2002, the AIRAID Filter Company was formed.


AIRAID Premium Filters consist of multiple layers of cotton-gauze plus one layer of synthetic fiber material sandwiched between either stainless steel or aluminum mesh, depending upon the application. The casing of the filter is hand-poured urethane, which offers superior performance and durability, and won’t shrink or crack from prolonged heat exposure under the hood.

Over the years, AIRAID Filter Company has become the recognized leader in air management for both gasoline and diesel power plants. Extensive research and development has allowed AIRAID to come to market first with high-quality products that improve drivability and performance. It has also allowed us to further expand our product line to offer a complete line of AIRAID Intake Systems and PowerAid® Throttle Body Spacers.




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