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PJ's Performance Season Opener Discounts


I am in the shop looking around at all of the work to do thinking what is the most comming theme with our valued customers?  The UTV industry seems filled with thrill seekers who like to drive fast, have good times with their friends and family while still being able to afford their house payment on Monday!  It doesn't take $9.00 per gallon gas to go fast and it doesn't take a custom 1 ton hauler to get the family out to the trail head.  Chances are you have a street legal UTV that can be driven from your own garage to the trail.  We like these guys, we love the aspect of families and friends having a good affordable time looking good, going fast and being safe.  Those same loyal folks should also get the best price available with the best service in the industry. 

Give it a shot...call...write...shop and save here at PJ's Performance.  We are offering a storewide discount for you.  What this means, look at the price advertised, you will be paying even less at checkout.  In the checkout process you will see the coupon code window.  This is where you enter the code "S15" and the prices will automatically be adjusted in your cart 15% less.  Most of the items we sell have free shipping...like 99% of them!  We do this to keep you riding and keep the sport afforable.  






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