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High quality performance shocks play a big part in the control you have while driving your UTV through tight trails, in the woods, or up and over sand dunes. Walker Evans Racing is the biggest name in off-roading shocks. With a team of seasoned engineers they have designed and built shocks that improve the power and agility of a variety of UTVs.

PJ and his crew love Walker Evans shocks because they add race style valving and attributes without compromising low speed handling or compliance. Overall they improve ride quality and handling on any vehicle they come in contact with. Made in the USA, these shocks are built to last. Constructed out of billet aluminum and anodized for extra lifespan, Walker Evans Racing shocks can outlast harsh conditions. They are also re-valvable and re-buildable so you can customize your riding experience. Plus Walker Evans factory tunes each valve so you know you’re getting a truly professional touch.

Trust PJ’s collection of Walker Evans Racing shocks to give you the best ride possible!





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