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Keep your food and drinks cool with American Outdoor coolers from PJ's Performance! PJ and his family love to ride all day, but everyone needs a snack break! That's why PJ and his crew have gathered a collection of the most durable and UTV-friendly coolers  for your riding pleasure. 

AO coolers are made for the desert, woods, mud, snow, any terrain you're riding in.  The new easy to clean material is ready for your abuse. It's designed just like any other high quality cooler, so you know you're still getting the same chill experience, but its tough outer material and construction make these coolers ideal for off-road conditions. It is guaranteed not to leak and includes four strap hole fasteners on each corner so the cooler can be strapped down to the rack of your off-road vehicle.

The new outer material is 1000 denier vinyl and UV protective so the color won't fade in the hot sun. Not only is it stronger than any other soft-sided cooler, but tear resistant up to 375 pounds,  waterproof, and anti-mildew. This new cooler is a must for any off-roader wanting a cold drink or snack.  It's the strongest cooler on the market!

Just follow the diagram below to strap your cooler onto your UTV and load it up with all the goodies you need for your ride. 


Correct                                                                  Incorrect       

Please make sure that when strapping your cooler into your rack, use the four eye-holes on the top of the cooler. They are the strong point and the shoulder strap or bungy cords can be used to fasten the cooler into the rack. Do NOT use the side clips to fasten your cooler into the rack. They are not as strong as the eye-holes and are not designed for fastening use.

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